About us

Kawasaki Ribbon was established in
1921 in Fukui, Japan.
We are a leading Japanese
manufacturer, specializing in
environment-friendly ribbons.
We produce the largest variety of
gift-wrapping, linen, organic cotton ribbon in Japan.

Our main assets include sustainability,
biodegradable fiber and original design with an innovative Japanese spin.
Our manufacturing facilities offer high quality products on our production line,
planning, sizing, weaving, knitting, dyeing, printing, packaging and speed worldwide delivery.

A/F/T color proficiency test level 1, lecturer training course completed

We are also particular about colors, such as color confirmation after dyeing, color selection for new products, and color coordination.

This is the Overseas Business Department.
I will support you from France.
If you have any question, Please feel to email us.

Company Information

  • Company Name

    Kawasaki Ribbon Co., Ltd.

  • President

    Kentarou Kawasaki

  • Head Office

    2-1-15 Shihiguchi, Fukui-City, Japan 910-0845 [MAP]
    Tel: +81(0)776-54-1119 FAX: +81(0)776-54-1755

  • Nippon Berwick Dept.

    2-1023 Seiwa, Fukui-City Japan, 918-8239
    Tel: +81(0)776-28-2570 FAX: +81(0)776-22-2868

  • Foundation


  • Establish


  • Capital

    JPY 11 million

  • Employees


  • Business

    Planning, manufacturing and sales of narrow woven fabrics (ribbon)

  • Products

    Ribbon for gift wrapping (biodegradable ribbon etc.)
    Ribbon for clothes (organic cotton, linen etc.)
    Materials tape