About samples

Can I order a sample before placing an order?

Yes, for sample orders, please purchase from our partner shop Kawaii Ribbon Studio.

About shipping

Why don't you ship to Japan?

This site is dedicated to shipping from Japan to overseas.
For customers who wish to make new transactions in Japan, please contact us from the inquiries on our website.

I would like to choose a delivery method other than EMS,what should I do?

Please contact us by email.

About the product

Do you have an organic cotton certificate?

Yes, we use GOTS(Global Organic Textile Standard)certified organic cotton yarn.There are three certificates below.

1. Yarn manufacturer's certificate for the organic cotton yarn we purchase

2. A certificate that the yarn has been shipped from the spinning manufacturer to our company

3. Certificate created by our company.


Organic cotton ribbons are labeled with a 3 letters code for each item and lot for reverse tracking of production. We supply the certificate by the three letters code.

The certificate of organic cotton lace is created by our company.

About the order

What should I do for large quantity orders?

Please contact us by email.

The weight limit for your order is 30kg.What should I do if my weight exceeds 30kg?

please contact us by email.

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