F Rose Flower 48mm

47 g
: 01_White

F Rose Flower 48mm - 01_White

※Widths may vary slightly depending on color. Color#01 is slightly wider.
※Please note that dark colors may transfer due to friction.
※If the products are left wet,color could transfer on other fabrics.

Terms and conditions concerning the wrapping ribbon.

The ribbons are not cut from the roll but they may be joined. 

The actual widths may be slightly differ from the written widths due to manufacture circumstances.

Pictures may differ from actual product.

Every computer displays color shades slightly differently. The actual color shade may vary slightly than what is displayed on your screen.

These products are made for gift-wrapping purposes, please do not use for apparel and packing.

If the products are left wet or rubbed hard against each other, color transfer could occur.